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  Largest Selection – Every Major Manufacturer & Most Models 

We provide the only market place offering the best vehicles made by every major manufacturer.  This includes Taylor-Dunn, Motrec, Cushman, Columbia and Pack Mule. It includes personnel carriers, stock chasers, tuggers of capacities ranging from 2,000# to 30,000#, small, medium and large burden carriers, maintenance vehicles and trucks.

We offer all new vehicles at the manufacturer's list price, and we discount Certified, Pre-Owned vehicles at increasing % based on their age and hours-of-use. We offer pricing to fit every budget.

All vehicles listed on our website are ready to be shipped within 48 hours. 

All new vehicles come with the manufacturer's warranty (1-3 years). Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles from Better Planet include a 1 year warranty.  We offer extended warranties (up to 5 years) on both new and Certified Pre-Owned vehicles.

Kuvoh offers major discounts shipping. Only $350 for palletization and freight for your entire vehicle order, regardless of quantity. 

Amazon set the standards for eCommerce, and free returns is one of those standards. Free returns is very expensive for companies selling inferior products.  We are confident of the products we offer so we can confidently offer free returns.

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